“Anna is dynamite!”

“You have so much energy and are so positive!”

“I am thrilled to have Anna as a mentor. I aspire to speak publicly even half as well as she does.”

Eloquent and inspiring!”

“Big help! Love your perspective and ideas. Thank you, Anna, for your generous time and thought.”

“In September I had worked in one of the groups you held… That group gave me a lot of info, which I needed as I hit the ground running… I appreciated your humor, knowledge, and compassion.”

“I can’t find the words to express my gratitude for your continued guidance and support, especially on such short notice at times!”

“Big help! Love your perspective and ideas. Thank you, Anna, for your generous time and thought.”

“You are inspiring with the positive energy you exude. Thanks for all you do.”

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Where Anna has presented…

Before I met Anna, I was unsure about getting up to speak. My favorite part of hearing Anna’s talk was… everything! But if I have to choose, the ways of opening a presentation. Anna is a confident speaker with a warm and welcoming voice. She is very knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable no matter your level. She took the time to share her knowledge with us, so we are the thankful ones.

Jenny S.

THANK YOU for your incredible workshop, it was phenomenal! I loved it, and it was valuable content. I didn’t think I’d take so much away in an hour, however it was thoughtful and engaging.  I appreciate you taking the time to share your wisdom with us, I’m going to make it an intention to implement what I’ve learned next week.

Leila C.

Anna Kaufman was a revelation. We opened our Summit with Anna’s well thought-out workshop, “Tell Me About Yourself,” where our youth and adult participants discovered their strengths and passions, and learned to speak from them. The energy from her opening session gave us a foundation that we all grew from the entire day.

Neil Silverston, Co-Founder and Executive Director, SparkShare

Anna led a workshop for a group of 20, and it was amazing! Her years of experience are evident, and our 2-hour workshop was tailored to our specific needs. She had planned exercises for the group but was able to identify individual strengths and weaknesses and focused on specific techniques based on that. I would recommend Speak Like a Badass for any of your public speaking needs, she is a dynamic person and definitely well qualified to share some of her Badass skills.

Stephanie P.

Anna is the best! Before I worked with Anna, I was lost in how to best respond to a wonderful opportunity to speak before a group of IT constituents. I did not want it to be a traditional keynote address and knew it would be too large for a workshop format. Through my work with Anna, we designed a hybrid format that took the best of both ideas. Most importantly, because of her help, I was able to execute and deliver the session beautifully – combining flow, timing, and visuals!. My favorite part of working with Anna was her creative mind and patience with helping me to think through what I wanted. Through the experience, our casual acquaintance grew into a trusted partnership. The conference is over, the session is done and Anna will stay in my life as I work to develop my speaking skills and opportunities! Thank you Anna!

Mary P.

What a Badass! Anna was a guest facilitator at the Harvard Ed Portal’s Monday Job Seekers Connection. Her topic was Virtual Presence – Communicating Effectively During Phone or Video Interviews. She was knowledgeable, engaging and an excellent communicator. I recommend Anna as a facilitator, trainer and guest speaker.

Michele Rocray, Workforce Development, Harvard Ed Portal

Anna energized and inspired us with new and creative ways to virtually lead and engage our teenage girls – so important as these kids will be spending so much time on their computers!

Anne J.