You have the power to unleash your badass speaker self, no matter who you are, what you do, or where you’re from. It’s within you, waiting to come alive.

When do you get your ‘life is good’ smirk? When do you finally identify as a Badass?

You know the feeling…

… when the windows are rolled down and the perfect song is playing

… when you’re wearing the outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks

… when the conversation goes better than you expected

… when you negotiated to get even more than what you wanted

… when you’re on top of your game and nothing can bring you down

For me, it’s when I’m riding on two wheels, my visor is down, my right hand grips the throttle, and I feel the cool breeze rush past me – that’s when I get that Badass feeling. On my motorcycle, my mind and body are exactly where they need to be.

I find my inner peace and my external Badass.

I feel larger than life, stronger than ever, able to conquer it all. I’m at my most powerful, most free, most fierce, most glamorous, most fabulous, most me.

You don’t need a motorcycle to experience this feeling – all you need is to Speak Like a Badass. Speaking is your door to experiencing this feeling, this moment, this BADASS.

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Anna A Kaufman, Chief Badass

I was the shy kid that passed for mute. Not shy, though – what plagued me was debilitating fear and crushing worry. What if I said something wrong? What if someone laughed at me? What if I wasn’t accepted? If I kept my mouth shut, I limited judgment against me.

‘Shy’ described me in high school and college. I didn’t speak up in class, I didn’t share my opinion, I didn’t raise my voice when I disagreed. I couldn’t even defend myself against bullies. I was powerless and afraid without a voice. My ‘shy’ became a burden, a barrier, a handicap, a limitation I placed on myself.

Once I began my career, I unearthed two identities:

  • introverted, quiet, head-down, buttoned-up, proper employee at work
  • introverted, loud, confident, head-up, dressed-down woman in real life

In the confines of a corporate office, my quiet side held me back from getting promotions. Even more upsetting, I felt imprisoned by how I was “supposed” to be – a young professional, a woman who played by the rules, a put-together office worker. That alter ego looked way more fun. The truth I had to admit was: I could never fully express myself in the corporate world the way I could elsewhere. Among close friends, I swore, I made faces, I danced on tables – office life couldn’t contain me.

I dared to speak up, to step out, and to sass it up.

For years, I couldn’t give voice to who I was – learning to Speak Like a Badass changed that. When I discovered speaking, I found my voice and the feeling of belonging in my Badass self.

I’ve always been a Badass, even if it took me a while to realize and embrace it.

I see the Badass in you – I want to help you unleash it for the world to see.

More about AAK…

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badass speech coaching

Discover your Badass Speaker Style: $0

Introductory discussion with Chief Badass Anna A Kaufman

  • Specify your Badass goal
  • Identify Badass Blockers in your way
  • Determine the steps to fulfill your Badass plan

Schedule your free session to Discover your Badass Speaker Style

Lost: No idea where to start?
OVERWHELMED: unsure where to FOCUS your energy?

Go from feeling this way to feeling like a Badass!

Learning to Speak like a Badass won’t happen overnight. It’s an evolution, a transformation, a process. Let’s start the journey together.

the journey: how it works

We’ll discuss your situation, find what’s hiding your inner Badass, practice techniques to unleash it, and create a Badass plan. Examples of focus areas:

  • Assistance writing, preparing, or polishing a keynote, speech, presentation, toast, a message for a special occasion, or other communication
  • Practice with the delivery of a speech, presentation, job interview answers, date questions, and more; feedback and guidance on improving
  • Build confidence and authority in front of people, one-on-one or a group
  • Determine the most effective structure for communication type, and craft a template for future presentations in a similar arena
  • Incorporate vocal variety into a presentation
  • Add movement and gestures to delivery
  • Maximize potential to achieve speech’s purpose
  • Find opportunities for strategic pausing
  • Get comfortable with eye contact and audience interaction
  • Increase credibility by removing filler words
  • Avoid unconscious ticks during delivery
  • Weave humor into communication

2 sessions of Badass SPEech coaching:
$275 / 2 sessions

For the Badass preparing for a specific speaking occasion, seeking minor refining or adjusting, or looking to expand their Badass speaking skills in a focused area

  • 2 one-hour sessions held within one month
  • Address a specific focus area

Badass Speech coaching 1 MONTH MEMBERSHIP: $500 / 1 month

For the Badass ready to recognize and embrace their inner Badass, willing to give voice to who they are, and hungry to feel the freedom of speaking like a Badass

  • 4 weekly one-hour sessions within one month
  • Set clear objectives and receive guidance to take action toward success
  • Techniques and resources customized to your needs


For the Badass with a strong desire to amplify their Badass voice, further develop their Badass speaker style, and consistently unleash their inner Badass

  • 12 weekly one-hour sessions over the course of 3 months
  • All the elements of a 1-month membership
  • Better understand what’s blocking you from showcasing your Badass
  • Progress check-in monthly, at the end of every 4 sessions
  • 1 additional service such as speech content proofreading and editing, recording your presentation and analyzing it together, or slide deck preparation assistance

Are you ready to Speak Like a Badass?
Get your free guide on how to start a presentation – all we need is your email!

WORKSHOPS, training, keynote

We also offer group presentations, workshops, and training sessions. Example topics:

  • Virtual Presence
  • Engage over Zoom
  • Elevator Pitch: Make your 30 seconds Matter
  • From Bomb to Boom: Craft an explosive message
  • Not Sorry (and other ways to diminish your credibility)
  • Your Words Have Power
  • Say It Like you Mean It
  • Start with a Spark
  • Tell Me About Yourself

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“Anna is dynamite!”

“You have so much energy and are so positive!”

“I am thrilled to have Anna as a mentor. I aspire to speak publicly even half as well as she does.”

Eloquent and inspiring!”

“Big help! Love your perspective and ideas. Thank you, Anna, for your generous time and thought.”

“In September I had worked in one of the groups you held… That group gave me a lot of info, which I needed as I hit the ground running… I appreciated your humor, knowledge, and compassion.”

“I can’t find the words to express my gratitude for your continued guidance and support, especially on such short notice at times!”

“Big help! Love your perspective and ideas. Thank you, Anna, for your generous time and thought.”

“You are inspiring with the positive energy you exude. Thanks for all you do.”

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Where Anna has presented…

Anna is the best! Before I worked with Anna, I was lost in how to best respond to a wonderful opportunity to speak before a group of IT constituents. I did not want it to be a traditional keynote address and knew it would be too large for a workshop format. Through my work with Anna, we designed a hybrid format that took the best of both ideas. Most importantly, because of her help, I was able to execute and deliver the session beautifully – combining flow, timing, and visuals!. My favorite part of working with Anna was her creative mind and patience with helping me to think through what I wanted. Through the experience, our casual acquaintance grew into a trusted partnership. The conference is over, the session is done and Anna will stay in my life as I work to develop my speaking skills and opportunities! Thank you Anna!

Mary P.

Before I met Anna, I was unsure about getting up to speak. My favorite part of hearing Anna’s talk was… everything! But if I have to choose, the ways of opening a presentation. Anna is a confident speaker with a warm and welcoming voice. She is very knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable no matter your level. She took the time to share her knowledge with us, so we are the thankful ones.

Jenny S.

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